Our standard hourly artwork fee is R300,00. Items which require a lot of work, will be quoted accordingly. Logo design or logo redraw fee starts at R350,00.  If you do not have a personal Graphic Designer who can provide you with print-ready artwork, please make use of our design service.

Professionally designed stationery will assist getting your brand noticed. We do not design in; or print from any Microsoft Programs.

Designing for print is not the same as designing for web.

Here are a few basic things to be aware of:- (Artwork guidelines for NCR books is available on request)

The RGB colour profile is used for digital screens and devices, not for print. The colour you see on screen will not reflect the same way on
paper. Colours may look different on different types of paper/media.Please use the CMYK colour profile or Pantone colour profile.
When text/logo is black please make it 100 % Black. e.g. 0 C 0 M 0 Y 100 K. Do not use all the colours of the CMYK colour
profile. e.g. 100 C 100 M 100 Y 100 K

Bleed is ink that prints beyond the trim edge of the page to ensure it extends to the edge of the page after trimming. Typically 3 – 4mm bleed
is required. Typically added to flyers, brochures, stickers, business cards, signage; to name a few.

A function of software with vector drawing capabilities, “convert to curves” refers to taking text and converting it into vector curves or outlines. It turns the text into a graphic that can no longer be edited with the software type tools but that can be edited as vector art. The actual font is no longer necessary to view and print the document accurately.

Using an unsuitable image resolution is one of the most common errors designers make when creating designs for print. The result is a fuzzy print quality, resulting in us rejecting your file.



  1. It is expected that the Graphic Designer, Public Client, Print Broker/Reseller supply us with print-ready artwork in Corel Draw Version 15 – 18 or a print-ready .PDF file.
  2. If the artwork is not print-ready and the broker / reseller / public client agrees that PrintAfford should recreate the design or do any corrections, a standard hourly rate of R300,00 including VAT will apply. Logo redraw, Image Sourcing and/or Font Sourcing Fees will also apply additionally. PrintAfford can also charge Authors charges for continuous changes the client wishes to make.
  3. Supply us with your own intellectual property (or your clients’). NO images sourced from the internet are allowed. These images are never good print quality, unless you buy it from a stock site and you have licence to use the vector/image/photo as you please.
  4. While we will bring to the clients’ attention any errors that we notice, you THE CLIENT, will be held responsible for approval of proofs and proofreading and checking errors.
  5. If PrintAfford produce work that contains errors which are overlooked by the client after the proof has been signed off, the client is responsible for full production costs, as well as for the cost of producing the work a second time, if you request us to do so. PLEASE HELP AVOID MISTAKES AND RE-DO’S. Carefully proofread your work beforehand.
  6. If colour matching or print resolution might be an issue. Please supply us with the correct Colour Code(s). Remember that the final product may differ from what you see on your computer screen / proof print.
  7. All fonts should accompany artwork.
  8. Turnaround time for artwork proofs is 1 – 4 working days, depending on the nature of the design and workload.


  1. Prices are valid for 7 days.
  2. Prices may change due to material and ink price increases, fuel rise etc. without notice.
  3. Orders are payable in advance before any work start.
  4. The invoice may be settled with Debit cards, Credit cards, Cash and EFT payments. Regret NO CHEQUES will be accepted. (During the Covid-19 pandemic, only EFT will be accepted)
  5. All goods stay the property and on the property of PrintAfford until it is fully paid for.
    PrintAfford does not have a storage facility. All goods must be collected within 14 days of completion.  Please keep in mind, we cannot sell items, with your name on, to redeem costs. 
  6. “Rush Jobs” are not always possible and clients will be charged rush fees.  Rush fees are calculated on order to order basis. Please place your order in time!
  7. Normal Turnaround time for most orders : between 3 – 5 working days of payment received and proof signed off depending on the nature of the order, quality of artwork provided (if any), availability of material and factory workload. Some orders may take longer. The estimated turnaround time will be specified in the quotation you request or it will be communicated to you in writing.
  8. Client and/or Courier collections are preferred. Should you require delivery, please enquire rates & availability.